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In an effort to help the many small business owners who may be hurting during these difficult times, We are willing to create a FREE Viral Marketing Promotion for your business to help you get more exposure for the products and services you offer. That’s right, you read it correctly, we will create, set up, and manage your viral giveaway promotion at absolutely No Charge!


Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main types of promotions listed below that can be run:

  1. SWEEPSTAKES: With a sweepstake, there typically is only one winner. You may have one grand prize winner and you can then offer entrants an opportunity to improve their chances of winning and earn more entries based on the number of people they share your promotion with, which would result in more leads and more exposure for you. [Sweepstakes typically run 2 to 4 weeks on average]

  1. REWARDS: With a rewards giveaway, EVERYONE who signs up gets a reward once they accumulate a certain number of points. [Rewards campaigns can run from a couple weeks up to whenever you want to end it]

    Points are earned based on the various activities the subscriber performs such as sharing your promotion and business with their network or when someone they refer signs up. For example a restaurant might have the following rewards:

    1. Earn 10 Points and get a Free Drink
    2. Earn 20 Points and get a Free Dessert
    3. Earn 30 Points and get a Free Entree
  2. Here are just a few possible examples of actions a registrant can perform in order to earn more entries (for a sweepstake) or more reward points (for a giveaway):
    1. Liking your Facebook page
    2. Sharing the promotion on their Facebook news feed for their network to see
    3. Referring a friend who also signs up for your promotion
    4. Following you on Twitter
    5. Tweeting about your promotion
    6. Following you on Instagram
    7. Watching a short video (like a video promoting your product, service, or event)
    8. Visiting your website
    9. Viewing or commenting on one of your facebook posts
    10. Completing a short survey (surveys are great for learning more about your customers and why they buy)
    11. Subscribing to your YouTube channel
    12. Visiting your store location (if you have a physical address)
    13. Signing up for your newsletter

NOTE: Some of the above actions may fall under our premium features upgrade

21-28 days is the ideal duration for a sweepstakes promotion. Two weeks is often too short and more than a month is too long

Although we normally charge business owners around $297 to set up and run a viral promotion like this….WE ARE NOT CHARGING ANY MONEY to set up and run a basic giveaway campaign. The only thing we ask in return is for a few business referrals who might also be interested in taking advantage of our free promotion and an honest testimonial from you

Seriously...there is No Catch! Our goal is to establish a long term business relationship with you so that when in the future you find yourself in need of additional help to grow your business, we are hoping that you will consider working with us first

A: Basically my company will create, set up, and run a viral marketing campaign for your business to help you get more exposure for your products or services you sell. Below is a list of everything your viral promotion will include:

  • We will create, setup, and manage the entire viral promotion campaign for you from start to finish.
  • We will create and design a dedicated landing page on our website where people can go to and sign up for your promotion. These landing pages are mobile optimized to show well on mobile devices.
  • We will write all of the follow up emails to send to people who sign up. Once they sign up, we will send out several reminder emails to them to gently remind them of the benefits they will receive by sharing your promotion with others.
  • We will provide each person who signs up with a personalized referral link that they can use to share your promotion with their friends and family online.
  • We will create and set up a customized referral link system that will generate unique referral links to allow us to reward points to people who share your promotion on various social platforms.
    • For example…...we can reward someone points each time they share your promotion on social media. This works great if you desire to get more traction from a particular social media site.
    • We will also offer them additional reward points or entries if someone they shared the promotion with actually signs up themself for the promotion. How Cool Is That?
  • We use advanced technology to keep everyone honest who signs up for your viral promotion.
  • We will notify the winner for you, once the promotion is over and direct them to contact you to claim their reward or prize.

A: ABSOLUTELY YES…..if you are looking for an easy and affordable way to promote your business or event. With an online contest or giveaway, you can expose your products and services to your target audience and use giveaway marketing tactics to generate leads and secure more customers. Giveaways and contests are also extremely good for:

  • Introducing new people to your brand via referrals.
  • Generating social engagement and followers.
  • Incentivizing actions that benefit your brand.
  • Increasing awareness of a product or service you offer and increasing purchase intent from potential customers.
  • Helping you to build an email list, drive traffic to your website or simply to reward your customers.

They're an effective marketing channel to help grow your business, generate more leads, promote your brand and increase sales. A sweepstake is easy and affordable to run, and when done correctly, their benefits are far greater than many other marketing methods.

In order to keep things simple, the winner’s information will be forwarded directly to you and you will be responsible for giving them their prize. Winners will be selected at random.

In almost every case, we always recommend that you give away something that is relevant to your business. For example if you are a dentist then you may want to give away a free teeth whitening. If you are a chiropractor then you can give away a free adjustment. By doing this, you will make sure that people who sign up for your promotion have an actual interest in the products or services that you provide which makes it easier to market to them later.

Since there will only be one winner, it is highly recommended that you choose a grand prize that people are really going to want to win and more importantly a prize that will really motivate them to share your promotion online in order to improve their chances of winning.

If the person does not see the value in your giveaway, they will not want to share it, and even worse they may not even want to enter in the first place. Don’t worry….we will work with you to help you figure out what the best giveaway should be in order to help you get the best results possible.

IMPORTANT: Grand prizes must have a minimum retail value of $25 or more

Keep in mind that rewards can be earned by EVERYONE who signs up for your promotion so it’s best to choose rewards that you can afford to give away to many people, but also something that has enough value to motivate them to work towards obtaining it.

Example Rewards:

  • Gift cards of varying smaller amounts for your business or another business like Starbucks for example
  • Smaller valued items you sell or offer. For example, if you own a restaurant, your rewards might be a free drink, a free burger, or a free dessert.

Keep in mind that you are not just giving out rewards and getting nothing in return. In order for participants to unlock a reward, they first must earn a certain amount of points by completing actions that you specify. (as mentioned earlier)

IMPORTANT: Rewards can have any retail value, however keep in mind that the value will play an important role in how motivated the participants are to share your promotion in order to obtain them  

We do not accept sweepstakes and giveaways with the following content or prizes: casino, gambling or giveaways that require payment to enter; eBooks only (if you offer another physical prize with it that is fine); adult content (adult themes, including sex, violence, vulgarity); weapons (guns, knives, explosives); recreational drugs, CBD, or healthcare-related content that promotes a medical solution or diagnosis; alcohol-related content; shocking, misrepresentative content or that which enables dishonest behavior; illegal content.

That is ok.  We realize that there may be certain types of businesses where it may make more sense for you to donate a Visa Gift Card or anything you may feel will be of value. For example an attorney or even an insurance agency. The ultimate goal is to get more exposure to your business whether you sell services OR physical products.

A: Below is a general list of those steps...

  1. You will first need to complete an intake form (takes only about 15minutes) asking you for various information about what type of promotion you would like to have us set up for you, what type of prize you would like to give away, and other details we will need in order to be able to create an awesome Viral Promotion for you.
  2. We will need to set up a start date and end date for your viral promotion.
  3. We will work with you to help you promote your viral promotion and get it kickstarted.
  4. Once the promotion ends, a winner will be randomly selected and then we will pass that information on to you


YES! One of the premium services we offer is we can create a post-giveaway campaign that can be sent out to everyone who entered your giveaway but did not win. This serves as an excellent opportunity for you to reach your exact target audience with an amazing offer

For example, let’s say that you are a carpet cleaner who was doing a giveaway for a free home carpet cleaning. Everyone who enters is obviously interested in or needs to get their carpets cleaned otherwise they would have not entered in the first place

Once your giveaway ends, we can send out a special email or sms campaign letting everyone who did not win know that for a limited time they can take advantage of a special offer and still get their carpets cleaned at a discount. This means even more potential customers and more business for you